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Dr. Hariharan & his Guru
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India is a land of Cultures. Indian Music has a hoary tradition and continuity for more than 5000 years . The present day bifurcation of South Indian (Carnatic) vs. North Indian (Hindustani) systems of Musical variation is quite new. In fact the South Indian System of Music has the untouched and the non-disbanded identity.

The identity of the Hindustani system of music was completely changed due to the invasions by the Alien rulers, the Persians and the Mughals into the Northern part of India. The entire structure of South Indian Music was based upon Oral Tradition which is otherwise known as the "Gurukula tradition" meaning learning from the revered feet of the Guru or Teacher under his/her personal care.

This tradition was in vogue till the 1940's. At this time Institutions propped up for imparting training in Music to aspiring students and both the Gurukula and Institutions stood side by side. After the 1980's the Gurukula system was sidelined and overtaken by the Institutions. Today there are not many Gurus who are integrated to the Gurukula system.

Dr.M.Hariharan is one of the proud product of the South Indian System of Music having early training in Vocal Music under his mother for more than four decades. He has also received training in Instrumental Music - the Mridangam. Dr.M.Hariharan had the fortune of learning from the Guru and also learning from the same Guru in the Institution also throughout his curriculum unto research. So he has the fortunate distinction of being a by product of the Gurukula and Institutions at the same time. Dr.M.Hariharan lives with his Guru . His Guru also is his Mother.

Now after having experiencing the various facets of Indian Music Dr.M.Hariharan has now specialized in the field of Music Education and Music Therapy wherein he finds the happiness of reaching out to somebody individually who really needs the healing touches of Indian Musical system.

Dr.M.Hariharan as well as the beneficiaries derive real pleasure out of this new area of Therapy. It is a unfortunate that in India -Music as Therapy is not an accredited system of curative mechanism.

Dr.M.Hariharan also has wider experience and exposure in the International arena of having attended several International Conferences in South Korea, Japan, USA, UK, Australia, and has conducted workshops at USA, Japan, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia.

He is the only Indian Music Therapist & Music Educationist to have attended Nine International Conferences on Music Education and Music Therapy and is a Member of the World Federation of Therapy Congress and International Society for Music Education.

Dr.M.Hariharan has visited Japan, USA, Australia , Singapore and Malaysia to practice Music Therapy for non-clinical areas.

Dr.M.Hariharan was bestowed the Sangit Natak Academy award by the Government of Kerala and the Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award .He is the Past President ( 2002-2003) for the Rotary Club of Pondicherry Aurocity.

Today Dr.M.Hariharan is an authority of Indian Music in the National and International arena. He has written and edited ( along with his Guru) more than 40 books and 50 Research papers on various aspects of Indian Music.

Degrees :
Ph.D. (Hon.) USA Music 1982
Ph.D. Mysore Univ. Music 1980
M.Ed. Mysore Univ. Education 1978
M.Music Mysore Univ. Music 1976
Pravesika Diploma in Sanskrit Govt. Tamilnadu. 1967
Pravesika Diploma in Hindi DBHP Sabha, Chennai 1967
Higer Grade Diploma in Music Govt. Tamilnadu 1968
Ganabhooshanam Diploma in Music Govt. Kerala 1964
Commercial Practice Diploma. Govt. Kerala 1970
Cooperation Diploma Govt. Kerala 1971
Higher Grade in Typewriting & Shorthand - Govt. Kerala 1971
Computer Skills:
MS OFFICE - MS WORD,EXCEL, DOS, WordStar 4-7, - PageMaker, Lotus Smart Suite, Adobe Reader. Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Networking and Internet
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