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Case Studies

During my Workshops and Concert tours, I came into contact with several Persons, . The incidents related to these persons are worth mentioning because of their importance of miraculous factors in the elevation of spiritual thinking and other health issues with the help of my approach with Astrology, Music, Therapy and Spiritual mind.

I am relating some of my experiences with these people. Their names have been changed for privacy.

1. During my tours abroad in USA, GERMANY, SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA, JAPAN, AUSTRALIA I have given consultation for more than 600 clients on VEDIC ASTROLOGY; have conducted more than 400 workshops on SACRED CHANTS AND KIRTAN CHANTING with INDIAN MUSIC THERAPY ; 300 HEALING CONCERTS .

2. During these workshops, I have taught more than 600 people SACRED CHANTS AND MANTRAS on NAVAGRAHAS (Nine Planets), GAYATI MANTRAS ON GANESH, DURGA, LAKSHMI, SARASWATHI, SIVA and other Miscellaneous Chants.

3. I have also held more than 100 KIRTAN CHANTING SESSIONS during my tour

4. SALT LAKE CITY, Utah: In Salt Lake City- Ms.Vignette Cathy came to me to interact on a Vedic Astrology reading session. After a long discussion and research I was able to re-locate her son who died in a tragic situation, reborn back in India working for Tsunami affected Persons

5. SEDONA, Arizona: In Sedona in the serene atmosphere of monolithic cult, I was able to save Ms.Catherine came to me to interact on a Vedic Astrology reading session. After a long discussion and persuasion, I was able to dissuade Ms.Catherine from a suicide attempt who had four children and was a divorcee.

6. FRESNO, California: During a workshop session, through my advice and persuasion, I was able to convince a Medico Nurse Ms.Nathalia from committing suicide because of medical failures, financial debacles and loss of job. She was living in abject poverty and by counseling she decided to re-live. She also has three children.

7. SAN DIEGO, California: While I was staying with my friend Ms. Victoria, she had a pet dog of 11 years old. At the time of my visit the pet had eaten some poisonous food stuff and had food poison. The Vet doctors diagnosed the pet with food poisoning and found it rather difficult to save the pet. At that time I played my Music Therapy For Pet CD for the whole night and astonishingly, the next day the Pet dog was re-living without any trace of food poison and was normal and vibrant as usual.

8. BERKELEY, California: I had an unusual visitor during my workshop who was declared with terminal cancer . She had chosen an Indian name Kalli. Though she was aware of her cancerous disease, she came forward to learn the Navagraha ( Nine Planetary) Mantras and the 108 Namavalis of each of the planets. After six months, she found that her cancer had disappeared from her body.

9. I have solved several divorce cases and re-joined several couples and failed marriages, through consultation with my Vedic Astrology and Music Therapy.

10. I have persuaded and taught most of them to chant the Planetary and other mantras and have resettled them with new lease of life and prosperity.

11. Many people become curious to find out their previous Karma or birth for corrective and remedial life pattern. I have helped many find out their life situation in the previous birth.

12. I have persuaded several people to visit Hindu Temples, conduct Homam and Sacred Fire rituals for realignment of their Business and Homes.

13. Many Unity Churches throughout the USA have become very fond of my workshop on Sacred Chants and Sounds and invite me year after year for Kirtan Chanting and Vedic Astrology Reading sessions.

14. Several University Students in San Antonio, Cleveland, New York, Iowa, Chicago, Arizona, California, Washington, Miami, and countries like Germany, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Australia found it very useful to learn the Sacred Chants and Indian Music Therapy for addressing their health issues.

15.One of my Reverend Minister in a Unity Church in USA was able to defer her eye surgery thru chanting the Sun Chant for about 8 weeks which improved her vision power

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